Allen Blakemore is the Principal of Blakemore Public Affairs. He is a native Texan who brings years of Washington and Austin experience to the firm. A respected authority on political campaigns, Allen is regularly quoted by the national and local media.

Casey Haney

Governmental And Regulatory Relations

Casey Haney is the Director of Governmental and Regulatory Relations. He is a sixth generation Texan with years of experience working in the Texas House and Senate, as well as for the Governor. Casey also served at the Public Utility Commission, Railroad Commission, Health and Human Services Commission, and as the Commissioner of the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services.

Allison Castle

Strategic Communications and Public Relations

Allison Castle is the Director of Strategic Communications and Public Relations. Allison is a visionary who brings a no-nonsense approach to strategic communications and effective policy making. During a career spanning the worlds of business, government, nonprofits and politics, she has earned the reputation of an insightful tactician who always calls them like she sees them.

Leah Courtney is the Manager of the Austin Office of Blakemore Public Affairs. Prior to joining Blakemore, she held roles at the Leadership Institute, DC London, and the RNC.